I went to a BBQ on Saturday evening at a place a little ways inland from where we live. It's not prime mosquito time (dry season) so I didn't even think about insect repellent. Well, I forgot about the sand flies (more accurately known as biting midges, or no-see-ums in the States). We don't have them near us because the sea breezes make it an unsuitable living environment for them, but further inland they're a huge problem.

After two hours at this barbecue, I now have more than 70 bites on my legs, feet, and arms. Unfortunately with these bites, they don't show up until a few hours later and the bugs are tiny so I had absolutely no idea I was getting eaten until later that night. I also tend to have stronger allergic reactions to bites so not only are these bites everywhere, but they're also unbelievably itchy. Seriously, I'm losing my mind from the itchiness. I already take a daily allergy medicine and I have been applying two different topical treatments (one cream, one spray) fanatically but it's still torturous!

Of course people build up resistance to the saliva from these bugs over time so my Aussie husband and everyone else at the party was fine - I'm the only one who was a human smorgasbord for these lovely little critters, so no one really has any advice. Considering it is not quite 5:00 a.m. here and I have been up for the majority of the night, does anyone have any suggestions, anything at all, that might take away the itchiness?!? I am willing to try anything, bearing in mind that I am 15 weeks pregnant though. I'm just desperate for some relief!

Sorry for being so whiny, this is just miserable