Two part question:

1) I see many people doing floating shelves above their changing table. Ours will be in front of the window, so I'd like to put shelves about the crib (out of baby's reach obviously). I think it would be a good place to mount the baby monitor. What are your thoughts on above crib shelving? Go with shelves with a lip/ledge?

2) We are creating a master/nursury combo. The master has a "coffee" palate (beige, whites, browns, creams). The crib and the changing table are espresso dark wood, our bed + linens and glider are white/cream. Walls are beige, curtains beige.

What colour floating shelves should I put above the espresso wood rib? White? Brown/Espresso?

How many? 2? 3? How to place them for a more modern look?