Does your A/C get your house to a cool temperature when it is really hot outside? What do you consider a good temp for your house? And how does the temp compare to outside?

I have lived in Florida since I was about 12-13 years old and don't recall any houses I've lived in as being this hot. We have called the property management company out 6+ times since we moved in last November for the air either blowing warm air or not blowing at all. Our thermostat currently reads 87 degrees with all of our ceiling fans on and the windows open. It would be over 90 without that stuff. Every time the A/C people come they refill the freon and tell us to change our air filter more often (we change it at least every month and tell them that) then they switch gears and say that since it is so hot outside, it's "not realistic" to expect our home to get down to 74 degrees. I prefer it down to 72-73 but will take what I can get. Every other house I've lived in can get down that far and for a couple of days after the freon refill, our house gets down to 74-75 before breaking again. But every single time we are told that we shouldn't expect it to get that cool in the house because it is so hot. I've heard it so much that I am seriously beginning to think I'm going insane and maybe they are right.

Is this true in your homes? Florida bees (or any hot state) I would especially like to hear your take on this. I am 8 months pregnant and going INSANE. It also doesn't help that my baby shower was this past Saturday and it got up to 81 degrees in the house, I was pretty embarrassed at everyone fanning themselves and kept apologizing. Ugh.

ETA the A/C company came out about 2 months ago and said they changed out the entire unit, so it should be a new system. It looks new outside, but it is still doing the same thing.

We live in a single story home about 1800 sq ft with I think 12 foot vaulted ceilings in the living room only, with it sloping down in the other rooms to probably 9 ft?