Our little miracle baby, Matilda Jane, was born by emergency C-section last week at 32 weeks, 1 day after a very complicated pregnancy. We are absolutely in love and so overjoyed to finally meet her It is a very long story, but Matilda had heart issues that required her to be delivered early. Mom also had some sudden health issues (I have an extremely large DVT and pulmonary embolism) so it was a pretty scary time for all of us. Her delivery was extremely traumatic and we almost lost her - she is truly a miracle and a real fighter!

I am hoping that other preemie and NICU moms can share their advice and tips - how did you cope during this terrifying and overwhelming time? I would also love to hear about any must-have preemie/NICU items. I already bought a hands-free pumping bra and it is awesome! We definitely weren't ready for Mattie's arrival and still have to buy pretty much everything so any recommendations for things that were helpful at home are very welcome too!

My husband has been amazing - he hasn't left her side since she was born. I was in the hospital for six days after her birth and was discharged last night. He was present for her very scary resuscitation and is so terrified (I was still waking up from surgery). I know we are coping the best we can right now (and I can't believe what a truly amazing daddy he is!), but would love to hear how you and your partner coped and supported each other. I am still pretty sick so I have had to leave so much up to him and that has been hard for me not to be there all the time.

Thank you so much everyone! I really appreciate your help and advice