my sister, who I adore, has had issues with infertility for almost 5 years. They're at a cross roads where they will be trying their first IVF procedures starting next week.

My husband and I, meanwhile, decided we wanted to get pregnant in 6 months or so, and we started playing with the NTNP in September, and surprise, we got pregnant on our first try. I'm not far along (about 7 weeks) but now I'm sick over how and when to say something to my sister.

They only have money to pay for one round of IVF, and my understanding is that, if this doesn't work, they'll give up the dream of having kids.

She should know the outcome of her IVF treatment right at my 12 week mark. Is it better to tell her before her IVF results or after? Im afraid that telling her before will put more stress and pressure on her - but telling her after could be devastating if the procedure doesn't work. Any advice is appreciated.