Looks like hubs will be gone for a few months next summer (which sucks 8-( ) so now I'm researching flights home while he's gone.

The idea of flying with a 3 month old kinda makes me wanna vomit. Then again, I imagine flying with a 3 month old would probably be easier than flying with a toddler; plus it's free!

What do you think would be worse...to have to drive approx. 3 hours with the baby to get to/from the airport but then to get to have a direct flight (on JetBlue, BTW) or to only drive a half hour to/from the airport but have to transfer planes (and have to fly either US Airways or United - both of which charge for even your first checked bag and they suck compared to JetBlue overall, lol)?

Driving TO the airport doesn't bother me, but I feel like I'm gonna wanna die after being "away" with a 3 month old for a week, then flying across the country - the last thing I'll want to do is drive for 3 hours. Especially since the flights back are all landing in the evening (like 10 pm local time, which will feel like 1 am since I'll have just been in Boston). But at the same time, last time I flew US Airways everything got all fudged up and I missed my second flight which I would rather have to drive 3 hours than be stranded in Phoenix with a 3 month old...

Mleh, this is way too complicated!!!

On the plus side, I might get to be home for the Fourth of July which means I might get to be on Cape Cod for the Fourth of July, which means lobster courtesy of my grandfather. Mmmmmmmm...lobster, and crab cakes, and oysters...AND I'LL BE ALLOWED TO HAVE A BEER!!!! ::happy dance::

Any advice/insight is MUCH appreciated.

Oh, and if it matters the flight that is 3 hours away is technically cheaper. But I think after gas and the increased cost of parking (the local airport is super cheap) the cost will be more or less the same.