K got her first Rotovirus vaccine on Wednesday and didn't act any differently. Thursday she napped incredibly well, and had maybe slightly heavier dirty diapers. I thought both we not too bad for side effects. Friday - she slept practically the whole day! Until almost 4 pm, she had only been awake for 2 hours total, with two 30 min. nursing session. I finally decided to wake her up (I know!) and within minutes she pooped some of the loudest sounds poops ever! So I go to change her and the diaper is FULL. After I already took away the diaper and wiped and I'm holding her legs ups, she let it RIP again and pooped all over the changing pad, like aiming at me! Holy smokes! Thank goodness I have a changing pad liner! Not even 1/2 hour later she has another MASSIVE poopy diaper!

I figured that was the most of it. But later last night, I started getting terrible gas and stomach cramps and the runs for the first time since I don't know when! Then K had one of the ROUGHEST nights we've ever had. She was crying inconsolably until she could fart or burp and then would have a little bit of relief. Poor girl would even try to smile at us in between crying. This went on all night, but no more dirty diapers. She felt hot, but different thermometers all said she doesn't have a fever.

Did anyone else experience a delayed reaction like this to the Rotovirus vaccine? Did YOU seem to catch any of the rotovirus yourself (or DH?) I'm quite positive I got it from her. And feel terrible if she felt how I felt and can't even tell us. I'm pretty sketched out by this vaccine and not sure how I feel about the 2 more follow-up ones if this is how each time would be. Poor girl looks exhausted today. She could only sleep in 1/2 hour increments through the night.