I am getting so frustrated. Here I was thinking that week six was some magical number where I would feel perfectly normal again!
I am at week 5 now, and still in so much pain. The first three weeks, my vagina was soo sore from tearing/stitches, that started getting better then at three weeks I got awful hemorrhoids. Now I cry every time I go #2 and then my bum hurts ALL day! I have to sit on the boppy or else I can't even sit it hurts so bad.
Add that to my baby never wanting to be put down so I carry him/hold him all day long, and it makes for one frustrated mama.

I told my sister that I feel like the effects of childbirth will never go away, and she said, "Yeah I feel the same way." And she is 6 MONTHS pp!! That didn't give me any hope

pleeeeease tell me I will feel like a human again..