So my 17 month old has not met her great grandparents yet. They live in FL and we’re in the northeast. I’m getting a lot of pressure from family to commit to a visit this summer because they’re in their 90s (though everyone is as healthy as 90-somethings can be). But I don’t think it’s a good idea to bring my daughter to an airport/on a plane/to hotels until she’s vaccinated. We can get direct flights, but with all the air filtration, the plane itself seems much lower risk than the airport, hotel or rental car shuttle. Maybe if cases drop dramatically this summer, but i don’t think committing to something now is smart because as bad as it is now, it will be harder if we have to cancel. Am I crazy? Should I just give in? My nana is DYING to meet the baby. Are other people planning to fly with unvaccinated kids?