I am struggling to make a decision about travel this summer, and I think I need a gut check about what other people are feeling is reasonable at this point. I have not yet eaten at a restaurant or gathered for a family holiday, so in some ways I think I am having trouble ripping off the bandage with some return-to-normal activities.

We already have two (driving distance) beach vacations planned for this summer, where we will stay in a condo with my vaccinated parents and our unvaccinated 5-year-old. We also may drive to visit my husband's family (vaccinated adults, 2 unvaxed kids). I feel confident about and comfortable with all of those plans.

Now we have been invited to fly to visit several different family members from different states who will all be in the same area at the same time. We are talking about vaccinated adults and teens from at least 4 different households, plus a handful of unvaccinated kids from 2 of those households. We would not be staying with these groups, but I imagine would be socializing with them heavily, and expect that some of that time could be indoors, or unmasked at meals.

My concerns:
-Is it irresponsible to socialize in this way while my daughter is in school (she is enrolled in her school's summer session)?
-I think it is likely that I would be asking my daughter to wear her mask in situations in which none of the other children are required to - is this unfair to her, or setting myself up to cave?

What would you do in this situation? What are your summer travel plans, and what pandemic-related adjustments have you made?