Just wanted to share my situation right now and what better place then HB. So I found out at 5w 5d that we would be expecting our 2nd child which was a big surprise since we were waiting to ttc until the end of May which would have made a year since our last ectopics. I have had 5 pregnancies now with only one successful one which resulted in my ds who's now 2. Monday me and do were supposed to be going to my first sonogram with hopes of seeing baby and heart beat but instead just seen a big empty sac, it measured at 6w 6d which was on track but no baby. My doctor want me to do a suction D&C on Friday which I am nervous about because I've never had any kind of surgery before so it's a little scary not know what to expect afterwards. I'm almost to the point where I want to just give up on trying to have number 2 but DH want to keep trying. I would really appreciate any advice or experience with this whole thing. What is it like after the d&c, how long did you wait before trying again, and how was your pregnancy afterwards?