This is my first month TTC.....Im currently in DPO 11 or 12: I tested today and it was negative......AF due anytime or in approx. 2 days. Yesterday and today Im feeling tired, headaches and runny nose. All previous symptoms prior to dpo 9 and 10 have dissapeared!! On dpo 9 - 10, I had sharp, painful cramping that lasted up to 30 min. each day. I'm assuming they were implantation cramps. Previously..... DPO 3 through DPO 9 I began to experience many unusual symptoms that are not typical for me. I've been tracking my periods for over 6 months. I have never in my life had cramping since O day that continued until a few days before AF. I typically get bad cramps the day AF arrives. My symptoms included: cramping, dizziness, crazy increased thirst!!!!, two days of nausea, breakouts on my face (not typical until AF), tummy troubles, sensitive sniffer, unusually perky and sensitive nips, and last but not least a runny nose. fyi: I also got a bad cold right into Ovulation day that lasted 5 -6 days.

My conclusion....Im pregnant or have an illness I dont know about yet... sounds strange but its true.!! (laughing) Last month, I thought i was pregnant because I had cramps until AF arrived and bouts of nausenous. We werent "trying" yet just using pull out method and happened to BD on O day. My period was on time but only lasted 4 days. My usual AF lasts 5 days,,,,, Thats why I think Im going crazy!!!

So, AF due in 2 days..... What do you think of my symptoms? Am i just reading into all this waaayyyy too much? Or could I have actually gotten preggo in my first try!! We will see!!!!