I need help with a middle name! I'm 98% sure we have decided on Henry (which I've heard is super popular but I don't know any IRL) for DS due in March. Our last name starts with an H, but we are cool with that. Here are some middle names we are tossing around:

Henry Foster
Henry Rex (Rex is a family name on DH's side)
Henry Jack (Jack is my grandfather's name)
Henry Oliver (are initials HOH bad?)
Henry Theodore
Henry Fitzgerald
Henry Thomas

Another thing to consider, DD's name is E------ Av@ Hill H-----, with Hill being my maiden name. Basically she has 2 middle names. Do you think I have to carry that over for DS, or does it sound okay for him to not have Hill in there? Honestly, I'm on the outs with my entire family right now so that's why I'm considering not adding it, just curious what you all thought.

Thanks! Oh, and any other middle name suggestions are welcome.