Just curious - any other parents whose kids DO NOT watch YouTube videos of toy unboxings? This seems to be such a thing, both on HB and IRL, but my kids have never seen this type of video. They've never asked, and I have no idea if they'd even enjoy it for more than a few seconds. I've seen them (to preview toys the kids might want), and can see how the kids get totally sucked in! I'm not sure I want to encourage my kids to watch them, but I also don't want to be deliberately leaving them out of the loop socially, and don't think there's real harm in this genre of video. My parents were older, and growing up I always felts little clueless about pop culture - I don't want to do this to my kids! But honestly, they don't even really use YouTube- they use the PBS kids app, Netflix, or Amazon, so I'm not sure we really need to introduce YouTube.

So, unboxing videos - do your kids watch them?