LO is 11 months old today so I am almost a year out from giving birth and am surprised how not-regular my periods are. I was unable to BF so my period came back fairly quickly and at 6 weeks out I started back on the birth control pill. I stayed on this for a few months and then decided to go off because I was struggling with some post-pardum depression. Going off helped me feel much better. Since then I have been tracking my period so I know when to expect its arrival. Last month I was 5 days late and this month I am 7 days late. I have not had a period in over 38 days. I was a 28-30 day cycler always. We are very careful in prevention so I do not believe I'm pregnant, but this just seems weird to me. Has anyone else experienced a change in their cycle timing after having a baby? I'm starting to wonder if these changes mean I'm not ovulating? I'm also just a few months away from 40 and am not sure if that's part of the change in cycle also. Any thoughts or experiences??