Has anyone ever used APNO (All Purpose Nipple Ointment) to help with sore/cracked nipples while breastfeeding?

I am 8 days postpartum with #2 and in a lot of pain. I was never able to EBF my daughter due to a poor latch and low supply, and after four months of nursing/pumping/formula supplements, I finally gave up and switched to formula full time (which ended up being a huge relief once I was able to let go of the guilt).

Things *seemed* to be going better with my DS this time around, although we are still supplementing due to mild jaundice and slow weight gain. But now I am in a lot of pain, and worried this will jeopardize my hopes for a better breastfeeding experience this time. My midwife prescribed APNO which I’m supposed to pick up later today. Is it likely to make a huge difference in the pain or should I not get my hopes up?