My DS is 3 year 1 month. We decided to give potty training a go this weekend because he was actually enthusiastic about the idea (every other time we've suggested it he hasn't been interested) and we had an open three-day weekend. He was also just recently starting to tell us when he peed in his diaper.

Yesterday was super hard. Two "successes" when he happened to go when we put him on the potty. And seven accidents. Sigh. He was discouraged, but elated when he went at the end of the day for one of those two successes. Yesterday, I'd given him more leeway, so today I set a timer for every 5 - 30 minutes, depending how close I thought we were to potty-time. We went all day without an accident, until dinner when I asked him if he needed to go, he said no, and 60 seconds later, as he sipped his drink, he peed.

So, my question is, have we made any progress? Does it count as working towards potty training if he's going if we've sat him on the toilet, but not actually showing any initiative on his own? I'm nervous about preschool next week. We didn't have nearly as hard of a time with my DD, so I'm not sure how to evaluate how "well" we're doing (if at all...) TIA!