So...I hate potty training. And I'm not very good at it. I wanna know what worked for you!

Is your LO a boy or girl?
How old were they when you potty trained?
Did you use any special methods?
Did you use pull ups or training pants overnight?
What worked well for you? What didn't?

So far we've been trying to catch him when he has to go and also putting him on the potty to try. I make sure he gets lots of praise and positive reinforcement. He also gets an m&m for peeing in the potty and will get 2 for pooping. We tried underwear for a couple of days but I was having a hard time keeping up with the accidents while also caring for DS2. I read over the 3 day potty training method today but it doesn't seen realistic for us. DS2 is still nursing every 2 hours (sometimes less). My family is helpful but I don't think they will be as on top of things as the 3 day method suggests. I just don't think we'd be successful.

DS is almost 28 months old.