What do you use as an art/homework table for your big kids (elementary school age)?

Given the likelihood of another long term remote-schooling situation, we are upping our home classroom game this year. I've already ordered my big girls (1st grade and 3rd grade) upgraded desks and chairs for individual work, and I've re-organized our playroom into more of a preschool setup that will be suited to my 3-turning-4 year old's learning needs in our basement. In that same basement space, I'd like to add some sort of table and chairs for group homework time, but also for crafting, LEGO play, etc. The little KidKraft tables we had previously just aren't enough space for 1-2 kids, let alone 3. They're all still quite small (biggest is 49"/ 44 lbs), so I'm open to solutions that are not fully adult sized, but need something bigger than typical toddler/preschooler sets.

Thanks for sharing your setup!! Links to products that are in-stock (ha! pipe dream, right?) are super appreciated!