A friend of mine posted this on FB today. The article is old but it's a pro-choice piece where the author discusses how his wife had bleeding shortly following their 20 week ultrasound (where they had a perfectly healthy baby) and was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix. Evidently the doctor recommended that they induce labor and end the pregnancy instead of going on bed rest or trying other measures to save their much-wanted pregnancy. They were unable to do so because of a bill that passed in Texas around that same time so the wife and her husband spent 7 (I think, not re-reading the piece) days living life and walking the neighborhood in hopes to get labor completely started. Note that the baby was still alive at that point.

The piece is here: https://medium.com/@charlesv/denied-e639548e8b67

I read the piece and was quite confused by the whole thing -- I know of a few women who have faced similar sad situations and were never recommended to induce labor and were instead put on bedrest in the hopes of keeping the pregnancy viable. I have never heard of anyone's doctor recommending in a situation like this to induce while the baby is alive. Has anyone heard of this??