I have my follow up appointment from my d&c today, and I called and they do have my results in to discuss. I’m just so emotional about having (or not having) answers.
I don’t know what I want to do moving forward, and just ugh. I don’t feel like I can just take time off to decide, because I have so few eggs, if we are going to try again, it has to be soon.
We won’t do ivf (just can’t justify the cost and emotional aspect with two at home), so we can’t do genetic testing on embryos.
If nothing was wrong with this last pregnancy it will also just make me feel so guilty. I know if someone else was going through this I’d tell them “no! It was nothing you did!” But I just can’t shake that the baby had a strong heartbeat on Thursday and died on Saturday with no apparent reason.
Anyway, just writing this out here, no real reason except I’m feeling all sorts of emotional and torn on what I “want” to be the answer.