Ok guys! At the risk of totally putting myself out there and getting shot down, anyone interested in an Atlanta meet-up (or already have any planned?)

I'm moving to the greater metro area of Atlanta after the end of May, and besides 2 relatives, will not know a soul! And I work from home on top of that!

I'm a pretty big introvert so it usually takes me years to form good friendships, and I am trying to overcome my instincts and figure out how to make some friends sooner rather later! I would love to take charge in trying to plan some monthly (or every 5-6 weeks) meet ups! And maybe host a BBQ once we get settled!

Anyways, if anyone else is interested let me know and can maybe do a meetups group or FB group.

Kids/ages: two boys - 3 in July and 1 in June
Atlanta area (vague as you want!): County to the east of downtown.
Ideas for meet-ups: splash pad day, BBQ or mom's not out (sip and paint class?), visit a fave Atlanta park or coffee shop...

Ok, and GO!