One of my best friends is a research professor at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C., specializing in adoption and families, and she is running a study, in conjunction with the Adoption Institute on how the Internet and social media are impacting adoption. She's asked that her friends and family spread the word to find participants to complete a 15 minute (or less) survey via the web. If you are a birth parent, an adoptive parent, adopted child, or adoption services provider, would you please consider taking a look and participating in this survey?

FRIENDS in ADOPTION- we are making a big push over the next few days to get birth parents, adoptive families, adoptees and adoption professionals to participate in our groundbreaking study of how the Internet and social media are impacting adoption. The response so far has been amazing but we want to include as many people as possible. Thanks so much to those of you who have already forwarded the info, participated and/or given me your feedback. I am asking you to please help spread the word!! This study is coming at a pivotal time as great attention is being given to the subject of re-homing children. We need to better understand what's happening in the online community. If you or anyone you know fits into any of the above categories, please take the survey or share the link. Thank you!