My baby is 9m today and definitely slow on the gross motor milestones, except she’s been a good sitter since 5m. She rarely rolls over (I’ve seen it a couple times on the floor accidentally I think) and she never does it in the crib. She’s nowhere close to crawling that I can see and definitely can’t go floor to sitting. She still hates being on her tummy (and still often spits up while doing it). She seems to have plenty of leg strength for standing but seems very wobbly in the middle. She is not really a fan of anything but sitting.

She’s great at fine motor and my first child also put her focus there so I’m not too worried, I know it will work out.

But I’m wondering if anyone has done specific things to help with core strength? I’m mostly just trying to put her in all the positions she doesn’t like to practice but not sure what else I could be doing. Thanks!