Yesterday my DH found three baby kittens under our front porch. We think they are about three weeks old. They are tucked under there very well. We would have to remove lattice or boards to get to them. We think the mother is around, but we have yet to see her. We put out food, water, and sprinkled flour around the places she's likely entering the porch to see if she leaves footprints. The kittens appear well fed and have been moving around. If we don't see signs of the mother cat my husband is thinking of rescuing them tomorrow. (He is a cat person.) If we do, he wants to keep them down there for another week or two then bring them in. I'm a little apprehensive about separating young kittens from their mother, but I also don't want them to die down there.

Anyone have any experience taking in or rescuing feral cats? How long would you wait to get them out?