I know baby sleep if forever changing and once you think you figure it out they change, but I'm losing my mind and don't know what to try next.

DS is 11 weeks old and straight up does not nap. It has been weeks since he has napped longer than 30 minutes and really naps are 5-25 minutes. It takes me usually 25 - 90 minutes of rocking and shushing and patting to get him to sleep. It's completely ridiculous and I have a two year old who basically watches doc mcstuffins 12 hours a day because I'm constantly trying to get the baby to sleep or dealing with a cranky baby because he's only slept 25 minutes all day. I'm trying to do drowsy but awake but he just thrashes around in his swaddle and screams. I try to be really good about watching for his sleepy cues so that he doesn't get overtired but I'm wondering if he is under tired. It doesn't matter where I lay him down crib, bassinet, mamaroo, swing - he hates it all.

By the afternoon he is just inconsolably screaming and we are all miserable. What do I do? We have blackout curtains, white noise, and he doesn't like the wrap or carrier - I can't get him to calm down in them. Am I just SOL?