So, I'm starting to think about vacations next year, to budget and plan (my husband's job sometimes needs a LOT of notice for vacation time).

I know it's popular these days to take a babymoon, usually sometime in the 2nd trimester, to relax with your husband before the baby comes. But did anyone take a TTCmoon (or is there a better term for this)? Pre-conception-moon?

Basically, I'm wondering if it might be more fun to have one last hurrah, right when or right before we start TTC this spring? Maybe to someplace like Vegas or an adult only all inclusive on the beach somewhere. Someplace with amazing food and drinks, entertainment, and a place we can go a little wild, before we have a kid in the picture, and specifically, before I have to worry about morning sickness and traveling while pregnant.

Did anyone else take a last hurrah TTCmoon? Or did you just take a babymoon? Anyone do both and where did you go?

ETA: adding a poll!