DH and I got a larger tax return than we were expecting! This frees up a little money to check off one of the items on our wishlist - but we can only choose one.

I hate hate hate our carpet, and since we moved into our house 15 months ago, we've always said we'd replace the carpet with hardwood floors prior to having a baby. We've got a dog that sheds everywhere, and its impossible to get it all out of our carpet, even with vacuuming. Its just a weird texture of carpeting.

However, I got pregnant more quickly than we anticipated! And a babymoon was also on our list. Nothing crazy, just a nice extended weekend away. DH has a construction connection, so the mini babymoon and the floors would cost us roughly the same amount. I'm just afraid we'll never do the floors post-baby. Then again, getting away will never be the same post-baby either

Which would you choose and why?