Yesterday I started to notice a few tiny red bumps here and there on K's head and chest. Her face also had noticeably rougher patches. So fearing dry skin or eczema (it runs in my family and I've had it my whole life), I used the BabyGanics Eczema Cream ALL OVER her. I read a lot of good comments about it on here and Amazon.

Well - this afternoon after I changed her, I noticed her ENTIRE chest is now covered in little bumps and red all in between! It's not like the kind of eczema I have. Her face and head appear to be the same as last night. I slathered her now in Baby Aquaphor.

Did anyone else have this kind of reaction to BabyGanics (or any other brand for that matter?) I'm wondering if it's a reaction to the cream OR if it's eczema or some other kind of rash getting worse and the cream didn't help?