Anyone else in this situation? What are you doing?

My 8 year old has taken ballet since she was 3. I wouldn’t say she’s super serious - she didn’t want to do her studio’s Nutcracker for example - but she likes it and sees it as her thing. However I’m just not comfortable doing inside activities, even in masks. Texas is still high and the state of that seems really uncertain for the fall but not likely to be great.

We can do zoom at her current studio but it’s expensive (no discount) and it’s so much less useful than being in person for such a technique focused type of dance. I hate to take her out though as I’m afraid she won’t go back. Which isn’t really the worst thing, but it was a nice activity to have.

I’m wondering if anyone has had good luck with non-local online classes or another option? We like outschool which would be cheaper. We live in a small house with 5 people home all the time so there’s limited privacy for it. I’ve also wondered if other types of dance may be easier than ballet to do online (like tap or hip hop or something).

Thanks for any ideas or thoughts!