I have been battling a yeast rash for the majority of my poor lil man's life. I feel absolutely terrible every time I change his diaper. I'm at a loss of what to do to make it go away...any knowledge would be greatly appreciated!

Things I have tried:
-Sudocrem (before I knew it was a yeast rash)
-Peachy Baby (a CD friendly cream made locally)
-I only wipe with water & a cloth wipe
-blow dry to make sure he's dry before diapering
-as much diaper free time as we can manage
-switched to Seventh Generation diapers instead of cloth for the last week....to see if it would clear up.

Cloth diapering Mama's I stripped my diapers when I found out it was yeast and haven't used them since. I really want to go back to them. If I use a Grovia liner while he has the rash will I reinfect my diapers?