I know this isn't the right place for it and is a totally random question but...we found a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest in our backyard. After lots of effort and consulting my MIL (a bird enthusiast), we were able to get it back in its nest.

Everything seemed back to normal so this morning, I let my dogs out and heard lots of barking and sqwaking... I ran outside to find the baby bird out of the nest again and in my dog's mouth. The parent birds were swooping down and hitting my dog on the head (totally warranted.) My dog finally spit the bird out (I didn't want to get too close because I was holding the baby.) The bird was alive but probably injured. It was on it's side with parents swarming angrily overhead, so I couldn't get too close.

I tried to take the morning off to take the bird to a nearby (about 15 minute drive) to an animal sanctuary but it was too last minute. Guiltily, I left my house for the day.

I have been thinking about the baby bird all day at work. I am thinking about taking it to the sanctuary before they close. The only thing is that I have a very limited time between getting DS after work and when the sanctuary closes. Which means I would need to come home, feed the baby, put the bird in a shoe box (with it's parents freaking out overhead,) drive to the sanctuary with my 10 month old son in tow (DH won't be home in time.) It also doesn't help that I have to go back to work tonight for open house. Oh and the sanctuary only accepts drop-offs, no pick ups.
My husband and MIL are of the mindset that nature will do what it does and that I should just leave it alone and allow for "survival of the fittest." They said my dog is just doing what a dog will do. They think we have done enough.

Anyway, I apologize for this novel and GOMI will probably make fun of me endlessly, (go ahead...) but what would you do?