DH and I desperately need a vacation. He wants to go to the beach; I am thinking a cruise. We'll probably go no earlier than March when baby is 6 months old. I think a cruise would be easier, but hubs thinks the beach would be. Your thoughts?

Cons of a Cruise:

- Can't do excursions or party with a little one (we wouldn't use the babysitting services).
- Would be stuck in the room after 8:30 (his current bedtime) without much of a view
- DH and LO haven't cruised so maybe they would get seasick?

Pros of a Cruise:
- weather will be warmer in the Caribbean in March than it would be in the USA so we would enjoy it more.
- Activities available that are family-friendly.
- Would be easier to get out around the ship than to schlep baby down to the beach. Could easily enjoy two hours walking the ship and then go back for a nap, wouldn't necessarily even need a diaper bag.
- Don't have to cook, could get room service for free if we wanted to stay in instead of eating out.
- Very different from regular life. I am a little worried that going to the beach would be all the same stuff (cleaning, cooking, packing up everything to leave the house), just in a different location. Not really a vacation then...!

Pros of Beach:
- more affordable
- could stay in for most meals (DH says he'll do the cooking!)
- would have a nice view to enjoy while baby is napping.
- more room to stretch out with all the baby gear
- no embarkation to deal with
- less travel time

Cons of Beach:
- weather may be too chilly to enjoy getting out on beach with baby.
- baby needs darkness to nap; this means we'd be going back up to the condo/room as soon as we got him downstairs
- would be cooking and cleaning condo just as we do at home
- Sand and heat. Cruises offer more shade, more indoor activities, are breezier, and are less messy overall.

Also: I'm not planning to start soilds until 6 months so that isn't really an issue. I'm also planning to make his foods. Maybe there'd be something on the bar (banana) that he could eat if we needed to do that, or just packets of baby food if necessary but hopefully it wouldn't be. I've been purposefully getting water in his eyes at every bath so that if we needed to we could start showering with him instead of tub bathing him.