My brother is getting married in Aruba over Labor Day weekend, and my 7 year old daughter will be their flower girl. Per my brother, this is a super casual wedding, about 20 people max, my husband is doing their photography, their friend is officiating, my brother is likely wearing linen, that kind of thing. The ceremony will be at sunset on the beach - knowing my brother it'll be 10-15 minutes max.

My mother has taken this to mean she needs to get my daughter a super frilly fancy chiffon dress. I put my foot down because a) casual wedding and b) my daughter runs hot and all our experience with chiffon, especially outside in the Caribbean, are sweat-inducing.

That said, where do I go about looking for a dress that might meet my mother's standards (fancier than a beach/summer dress, which I find ridiculous given my brother's vibe but I don't feel like fighting with my mother about it) and mine (cotton/lightweight fabric that won't turn my kid into a hot mess; preferably a flare/a-line dress because she hates seams and likes ones that just flow on her; color doesn't matter but something summery would be great). I got her a couple cute swing dresses from Hanna Andersson recently and my mother said they're too casual.