When setting up a child's bedroom, which is your preference for bed placement - with one long side against a wall (to open up more space in the room), or with the bed centered in the room (headboard only against the wall)?

I'm debating what to do in my daughters' rooms....I can see pros and cons to both methods. I know furniture is moveable, but we have a fresh paint job, so I'd like to make furniture placement as permanent as possible before I hang anything on their walls to avoid patching and rehanging later if we move furniture. All the positions I'm thinking of allow plenty of room for later furniture additions (a desk or dresser).

One hitch -- there is a jack & jill (jill and jill in our case, haha) bath between the bedrooms. I'd ideally like to avoid placing the beds in such a way that the girls will be directly facing (like right in front of it facing) the door, or sleeping parallel to it but very close, so that they don't bug each other if they eventually use the bathroom at night. I'm not sure how much to let this factor into my decision, so I'm curious to hear what other people's "design" preferences are.