How long did it take your LO to learn to fall asleep after you stopped allowing pacifiers at bedtime?

We have been talking up dropping the binks with DD (who just turned three) for a little while, intending to tackle the task over my winter break. She decided on her own that Sunday was the night (aided, no doubt, by having picked out her no-bink reward at Target that day), and she really gutted it out, but clearly had no idea how to go about falling asleep without the pacifier. We eventually took her to bed with us, and though it took her a while to fall asleep, she slept through the night. Last night was similar, though we got her down earlier (again in our bed). Tonight, it took about 2 hours and some extra cuddles and crying, and she is asleep in her own bed, but I think she just passed out from cumulative exhaustion (no nap either day).

How long did you feel like it took to settle in to the new normal of bedtime after binks, and did you do anything in particular to help LO figure out how to fall asleep?