Hi all,
So my question is how can I put my 4 month old down early for bed with my 2.5 yo who wants to be with us all the time?

Toddlers bedtime is 6/630pm on the earlier side when he doesn’t take a nap at school like today.

Baby is usually in the room with me when I put him down but she’s been struggling to fall asleep at night.

I can’t find a time to do her last nap. So far it’s been upstairs by 4:15 or 430 and she will sleep for 30 mins but not going to sleep until 7pm with me doing the toddlers routine.

I would do her bedtime first but I nurse her and she WILL NOT nurse with toddler around as she’s so curious(previous post).

Bedtime suggestion? Time for baby to go down?

Tonight I put her down for last nap at 5pm but she fell asleep around 530pm and slept until 6pm. I nursed and started bedtime routine at 630pm and put in crib at 7pm. She has been crying off and on- I went in offered pacifier, pat and shush but she spits out pacifier etc nothing working.

Anything is helpful thank you!

oh and nights I am by myself- DH works late.