We use our crockpot quite a bit and have a handful of recipes, but somehow anything that went into the crockpot they always come out tasting pretty much the same: bland and the taste of overly cooked wet meat with salt, ack!

DS doesn't do soups, chilli, curry or anything remotely spicy. I also want to avoid high-fat proteins like ribs or pork belly, the amount of oil that comes out of 6 hours of cooking is so unappetizing. He would eat meat+veggie dishes / stews, but with all the criteria it always ends up very bland and tasting the same.

Any BEST crock pot stew recipes that you would recommend - that is a meat +veggie stew with really sophisticated (not spicy) taste ? I really want to use my crock pot more and actually love the food that comes out from it so I would love to pick your brains...Thanks!