Has anyone given their oldest child extra privileges or responsibilities to make them feel special/like a "big kid"? Our oldest is almost 5, the eldest of three kids, and has been having a particularly difficult time with listening and sassiness recently. We've talked about her behavior, and one of her gripes is that we have a higher standard of expectations for her behavior than that of her sisters (simply because of age-appropriateness) - things like we give her a harder time about remembering to flush/wash hands, not whining, getting dressed by herself, etc., send her flying off the handle at times ----> obviously she stated it more simply, but that's the adult-level summary!

It seems to me as if some of the time, she is trying to act like a baby to get attention, so I'd like to try to motivate her to act like the oldest/be a role model by demonstrating that being big comes with positive things, not just negative ones.

She's mentioned to me that she'd like to stay up later and read with me. I've told her I'm on board with that, if she helps us by pretending to go to bed/not running around like a banshee and riling her younger sister up....but so far that's not happening, haha ;). I'm thinking of maybe letting her keep some small toys in her room to play with before I "make" her go to bed/at nap time...things along those lines.

Is there anything relatively minor your oldest is permitted to do that your youngest isn't?