LD's first birthday is next weekend (woohoo!). We're driving home for the holiday/her birthday, so it's tricky to figure out what we can borrow and use of our families' and what of our own stuff we need to bring with us.

One thing we seem to be stumped on is offering a party favor. It's mainly adults with a few babies, I just always feel like when I received party favors they're not great. It's more just an etiquette thing. And with trying to stay under a budget (we're up to 40 guests!) and not bring too much stuff in the car with us it's making it tricky. Also some little ones may only pop-in between naps, so I don't have a set number of kids either.

I was thinking that if we did do something, it would probably be something fun and an edible. What do you want to think? Do you ever just skip giving out party favors? Would you think that was weird if you were at a party and did not leave with one?