DD's birthday party is this coming Sunday (12/8) at a party venue. We invited her whole class - 18 kids. Yesterday was the RSVP deadline. So far 8 families have said yes, 2 have said no, 3 have said maybe, and 4 haven't responded.

I sent an email to the ones who haven't responded as well as the ones who said maybe, but I haven't heard anything yet. Do you assume no response is a "no" or that they might still show up? What about the maybes - how do I push for an actual answer?

Also, it's amazing to me that multiple families assume they can bring siblings without asking. In some cases 2+ siblings! I invited a few siblings because they are always part of our play dates and close in age, so I feel like I can't say no to the others - but it seems crazy to me to bring a ten year old to the birthday party of a five year they have never met!

The party includes 15 kids and then we have to pay extra for any over.

I need to give a headcount to the venue by Wednesday and am feeling really frustrated. This is the first friend party we have thrown and I am finding the process so annoying.