I'm currently pregnant and this LO is due just a few days after DS2's 3rd birthday. I'd like for him to have a birthday party still and my gut says I should schedule it for like a month before his actual birthday. But I started second guessing myself and wondering if a month or so after his birthday would be better? A month before and I possibly risk having everything ruined by an early arrival. A month after I definitely have the stress of having a newborn, but there's not risk of missing it entirely. Also his birthday is in April, so a party in March would likely be cold and need to be at a venue, a party in May, we could probably do a park. Another consideration is that his school transitions you to a new class right around your birthday so a March party would include his current classmates, whereas I'm not sure who I'd include in May...it'd probably depend on when he actually moves up So, with all that - what would you do?