Have you had a home birthday party for your LOs before?

DS is turning 5 in the end of January. I had this elaborate dream of a pinterest-worthy mini home party, where we'll invite just maybe 5 DS's friends (and their parents, of course). I'll bake the cake, goodies and food, and we'll have some games, eat cake and be happy. I was up until 3am one night to gather imagery on what food we can serve and what games we can play....etc.

But then, of course I know it will be really stressful, I'll probably really stressed myself out, everything goes wrong, and the budget blown out of proportion.

I don't have to bake the cake. But I do want to make the food. Probably an afternoon party where I don't need to be responsible in feeding everyone. I just dislike the parties where everyone gets a slice of cold cheese pizza and I don't want to do that.

So tell me about your experience and your advice, how much did you spend, what did you do, what games did they play...etc., if you have done it before! Or tell me why I shouldn't do it.