Hello, Bees! I don't post a ton but I have a question that I thought some of you would weigh in on. My son's birthday was at the beginning of April. We had birthday photos scheduled (family plus a cake smash) that we had to reschedule twice due to weather. Our photographer is a natural light photographer so we couldn't do them in the snow lol.

Anyway... we went for photos on Monday. My son slept way more than he usually does (2 hour nap plus fell asleep in his jumper - which he hasn't done in MONTHS! - and plus a car nap on the way to photos) and while we were doing his photos, he was cranky and didn't want to be put down. The cake smash was a tear-fest Which was odd, because he loved cake on his actual birthday. I chalked it up to being outside with other people at a park and I thought he felt warm-ish but he was asleep in the car and it was warm..., but when we got home, I took his temp and it was 101*. Poor baby!!!

I haven't seen any of the photos yet, but I know he was crying in most, and that's just not his personality. I kind of want to book a studio photographer to re-do his birthday photos.....

what would you do?