So we moved into our new home about 6 months ago and our street is filling up with new families and new neighbors. It's a new build community so we are all new.

We have met quite a few neighbors and our kids have been playing together. So I decided to "loosely" organize a block party.. mainly to get to know the families we already know better and to maybe draw out some families that we haven't met yet. And before it gets too cold. If this one goes well i'll do another one in the spring/summer to welcome the even newer homes...

The date has been picked and we are doing a pot luck type deal. 5 families have already signed up to bring things.

I guess my question is since I "planned" this thing is there anything I need to do? The date and location are picked. People are signing up to bring things... I put up flyers to get people aware and now I'll put up flyers confirming the date/location and to show up....and to BYOB and their lawn chairs and a dish...

We are going to put up a folding table and our lawn chairs.

I wasn't planning to get or do anything special for the kids.

Is this going to be enough??

Have you been to or hosted a block party? Any input/comments/ideas?