I want to start a new blog and retire my old wedding planning one.
For this one, I need a name that will last through different stages of life - not just newlywed and tcc, but also pregnancy, childbirth, raising kids - and cover other subjects like cooking, home, style, and travel.

Any thoughts?
For me the name is such a big deal that it's been keeping me from starting the blog, and I really need to get back into blogging. I could really use some help naming it from you guys.

A little background on me to help with the naming process:

+ Grew up traveling and living all over the USA and Europe.
+ Met another American ex-pat in 2006 in Albania, married in the US in June 2011.
+ Honeymooned in Budapest and moved back overseas to Albania for the time being
+ Plan on continuing the international/frequent moves kind of life for many years, including after kids.
+ Kind of "crunchy", especially in the kid department (ie. plan on unmedicated water births, breastfeeding, cloth diapering, vegetarian diet, homeschooling, etc).
+ Love reading, writing, collecting books, cooking, interior design, travel, style...
+ In school to become a doula, went to school for Cultural Anthropology which I use in my work for non-profits.
+ I'm a redhead, live on coffee, and my ideal day is finding a library sale.

Does any of that bring on any creative name ideas?