Requesting some name help from my smartie bees! I'm due with a girl in May. We already have a son named Baylen. I love his name because it's uncommon but also seems strong to me.

My first choice for a girl's name has been (for as long as I can remember) Everly. Recently a friend of mine had her 2nd little girl and was having trouble naming her, so I shared the name Everly and she asked if she could use it, as it was the only name she and her husband ended up liking. I didn't feel like it was "my" name persay, or my place to tell her she couldn't use a name (just seems silly) - so, long story short, that's their daughter's name. I still love the name, but the amount of love has just kind of changed since then.

Annnnnyway - now we're looking for names and, although my husband's still set on Everly, I'm hoping for other suggestions. Some other names I like include Noelle, Kenna, Hannah Lyla, Hazel and Bridgette. So I guess thoughts on any of those names with our son's name, or other suggestions would be great!

Thank you for your help!!!