Hi everyone! I am hoping that you can offer some help with name suggestions. We are expecting our first baby (a little girl!) the first week in January and can't decide on a name. I have a few names that I like, but am not sure if there is one that I love. My favorite names are: Cora, Adelyn, Ella, Evelyn and Olivia (I would probably eliminate the last 3 since they are so popular right now and I had a very popular name growing up which was annoying at times). I think my top choice right now is probably Cora. My husband LOVES the name Matilda and I'm not 100% sure about it. It just seems a little long to me. We want to use either Mary or Jane as a middle name since those are family names. I don't want to ask family/friends for advice since I think that would complicate things further (plus I want to keep the name a secret), but I would love some advice so posting here is perfect! Thank you so much