Lately, a few people have posted asking for book recommendations. Since I'm on a babymoon in DR, I've been catching up on some reading.

I read Ghana Must Go, by Taiye Salasi yesterday. I couldn't put it down. highly recommend.

I also really like The Paris Wife: A Novel by Paula McLain. The writing isn't as good as Ghana Must Go, but it'd been out for a while and I'd been meaning to read it, and I still recommend it. It make me do a lot of research on Ernest Hemingway's wives and was interesting/engaging overall.

Saving Ruth, by Zoe Fishman. I randomly picked this up at the library and it was good--pretty unknown!

For those of you that read Jenny Lawson (The, I also finally read Let's Pretend This Never Happened. It was good.....not my favorite, but still enjoyable. And still a recommend. Obviously, based on the amazon reviews, everyone else loves it!

Anyone else read anything great lately you want to recommend?