How to hint to our ex-nanny, thanks, but no thanks, in fact we really don't miss you that much..?

We had a nanny until LO was 11.5 months old then we started daycare. While my son loves her and she loves him too (I guess) I am not crazy about her - she chats on the phone while watching him, never talk / sing/ read to him, always take him out to run errands on her own, and always having an attitude to a point I am scared to point out anything that I have an issue with. I was thrilled that she finally left us.

I like her as a person, but not someone I'd like to work with again, if I had a choice.

However, I guess she never really get the memo that I am not crazy about her (I didn't dare to burn any bridges when it comes to child care) ! It's been a month that she left us, and this is the 3rd time she wanted to come over and visit LO.

The first time she wanted to bring over a photo frame of her and LO. It was very sweet. The 2nd time (last weekend) she called and say she wanted to drop by and visit LO. I let her. Then just now I got another email from her saying she wants to come by Sunday to see him!

I mean, does she really plan to come by every weekend just to see him? How do you say no and hint to her that, thanks, but hey, actually you should stop requesting to come see us. We'd call you if we need you (or not), without being mean?


ETA: funny that she even knows that our neighbor doesn't like her (because she rubs off on their au pair on the lazy behavior). Only if she can get that hint from me too.....